Abbadi rejected the presence of foreign forces him what he wants in the constitution of Iraq and the international reality


Tariq Harb
legal expert
Right opinion and repayment of word and deed, the announcement Abadi, the third day of the last month of the year ???? M .. The presence of foreign troops in Iraq for any reason, an act of aggression, and actually agrees that the international law in this description, in accordance with the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations,
Whether the neighboring state of Iraq, such as Turkey and others or other country like America, and that includes Russia, Iran, as it has not issued a decision of the Council, allows countries to send troops to fight Daash to other countries, as well as the approval is not limited to al-Abadi, but the parliament's role, according to the constitution and parliamentary majority including the consensus of the National Alliance to rejection, and it may raise the ire of those states in the event of intervention of Turkish troops in the Battle of Mosul, not to mention the position of the Kurdistan Alliance and the PKK, and this is what can not be accepted under any pretext, since no value for the independence of the constitutional and sovereignty with the presence of foreign ground troops, and especially the crowd and the armed forces, able to accomplish all duties and land forces of the Atlantic, and America has not been able to end terrorism in Afghanistan .. Despite the passage ?? Years of its existence.