Sunni province will see the light soon .. US private leaks reveal who will govern Iraq after the expulsion «Daash»


Washington has vowed to take over the protection of the new federal rule in Iraq with the support of the Security Council with the support of al-Abadi work as head of the federal government
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Leaked high-level diplomatic sources aside from the circle minute deliberations in Washington these days, which focused on the period that will follow the expulsion of Iraq organization Daash care. The sources said, that «US officials from the central and external intelligence and security committee in Congress, Iraqi politicians met from various spectra in times and places of several of them to London and Erbil, Baghdad and Amman, and was telling them that the US conviction and the capitals of influential settled that there is a deficit of N treatment in continuing to judge according to the current situation ». She added that «accept the establishment of three major regions are subject to the rule of federal in Baghdad is the basis for the condition to resolve the organization Daash and purge Iraq Shubra Shubra him and an end to all secondary powers that replace the power in Baghdad now and private militias seat orders Aaranih..oobulgt Washington officials and Iraqi politicians that they have to file to describe the problems between them as personalities and blocks and understand each other on key participants to live in Iraq as one country, but is a central and enjoy provinces powers almost absolute, especially in the economy and foreign investment and private affairs of the communities Mahlah.ouhsp same sources have been focusing on the core of which the problems of Iran's interference and influence «, confirmed that «Washington has vowed to take over the protection of the new federal rule in Iraq with the support of the Security Council with work to support Haider al-Abadi as head of the federal government representing Iraq, similar to the Swiss model.» As will be announced Iraq as a strategy of first class and that its security is linked to US national security, and will be reported to Iran to return to the borders before the 2003 at all levels and work through official diplomatic representation in Baghdad, just as is the case with the Iraqi diplomatic representation in Tehran.ofattt sources said «problem that Washington is trying to solve it with Iraqi politicians and experts are naming the regions in an apparent effort to overcome term Sunni-Shiite province or territory. There is no problem with the province Krdstan.oukalt sources, The »more than US official stressed that the agreement on the political shape of Iraq and its regions is the basis, and that after that it will be organizing Daash and any armed military version of the ugly past that will not be repeated Obda.ookdt sources that« Plan edit Mosul completed and there are assurances in the timetable is too short to be implemented, and that the Kurdistan region familiar with details of the military and political understandings conducted by Washington to preserve the unity of Iraq federalism within the three regions as well as the Federal Capital Territory, which is symbolized by the the letters CF ». The sources pointed out that he« was notified a number of important Arab capitals Iraq's new format after Daash, and that the air bridge of not less than a time for six months continuously will continue to support the Sunni region in order to promote its the fact that cities smashed and infrastructure crushed by the war compared to the relative stability in the south as well as the region Alcardah.okhevc Almassadran that there is agreement on the departure of a large number of faces that were in circulation in the last ten years and the rise of new faces, as sources revealed that the new Iraq will deal with the federal transition is the freezing and the abolition of all laws passed on a political basis and the granting of the regions and their parliaments powers of the age-compliant laws with the needs of the local communities, and will be treated with the Iraqis of the line start one after that purify their ranks of any terrorist and extremist elements by the war that will take place the new civilian and laws that will contribute to the construction of advanced societies due to international support and the return of Iraqi competencies in the outside and inside of the building the country and the announcement of the end of the dark period and abnormal blood vessels that prevailed in Iraq and its cities post-2003, and exceeded all backward and primitive rule formulas for the period before.