Maysan Council calls for the rehabilitation of my way Alaptarh and port graying and to accelerate the transfer of powers
2015-12-06 20:24:50

| (Voice of Iraq) - Maysan

Student Council Maysan province, on Sunday, the Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction and rehabilitation of my way Alaptarh port graying and incorporate them within the ministerial projects, he confirmed there had been a lot of traffic accidents on these roads, while calling for the speedy transfer of powers to implement projects in the province.

He said the Maysan provincial council member Sarhan Ghalibi in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Alaptarh Road, (20 km northwest of architecture) has become a modern street in Maysan to the large number of accidents involving Sakouh Almottaghon to other provinces," and urged the Ministry of Construction and Housing "position real and clear and responsible to bear it and create the second corridor and the inclusion of the project within its projects. "

He Ghalibi, that "already we asked the ministry executive, the government and the central rehabilitation of this road, but we did not get clear answers on this subject," adding that "the road does not require a large allocations can be created from Kalmnavz Frontier Province resources or the proceeds of petro dollars." .

He said a member of the Board of Maysan, that "the reluctance winning in the way of the border graying port make it a second threat to the lives of citizens who they follow being commercially line no matter what the attitude of the citizens to perform religious visits", blaming the Ministry of Construction and Housing "responsibility due to lack of seriousness in the completion of these roads," calling At the same time, implementing the two roads companies to "accelerate the work to be done according to the specified period."

He called Ghalibi, to "speed up the transfer of powers fact that the delay transfer will cause a lot of projects," asserting that "service projects carried out during the previous years were not at the required level to be implemented by non-solid companies, which now need to maintain additional funds."

The Alaptarh Road, (20 km north-west of the city of Amara), is one of the most important roads used by citizens and visitors during religious events, as well as used for the transport of goods and commodities to the neighboring provinces of Maysan. And experiencing the way a lot of traffic accidents due to the narrow and frequent bumps in it.

A source in Maysan province, reported in, (November 28, 2015), that the 50 visitors, including Iranians were killed and injured in road traffic accident Alaptarh, north of the city of Amarah, (390 km) south of Baghdad.