New scandal to follow al-Maliki ... Maj. Gen. Sabah al-Fatlawi commander of the Samarra operations wiling to a minor girl and loses her virginity

On: Saturday 05/12/2015 23:26

An informed source revealed that the members of the Dawa and the party offering loyalty to the owners took advantage of the situation of poverty for tens of thousands of families to fall hundreds of women in the quagmire of prostitution as a result of Oz and the large number of money to the follow-Maliki and the case of the attack on the honor of Iraqi women has become a method of the Dawa party and the methodology of scum loyal to the owners of the army and police officers and leaders of teams and brigades, and there Many examples of the practice of this approach.

Examples of other published on the websites appear to follow the Dawa Party, as they have underworld inside their offices, taking advantage of the need of women to the function and editor of an affiliate of the Dawa party newspapers (an example) and Zahra al-Musawi (an example) and the rape of children (example ) This approach practiced by al-Maliki security services with women detainees this except rape cases that occur daily, and testimony from doctors working in hospitals.

We offer the Iraqi people unchanged Wendy her brow all of carries atom of jealousy and honor its hero a follower of al-Maliki and the commander of his commanders and the brother of the deputy in the State of Law No one was safe from the length of her tongue before we show scandal details must be Narj on the back, "Maj. Gen. Sabah al-Fatlawi."

Maj. Gen. Sabah al-Fatlawi, a former army officer and a member of the leadership group in the Baath Party was one of the members of the Republican Guard, the transfer of the Republican Guard for bad behavior and taken to a training pedestrian center Babil, known for his (liar morning) came this designation when the late President Saddam Hussein met with own commanders inquire on the status of the soldiers in the units and got up morning Fatlawi to say to the Chairman (Mr. pedestrian Babylon center is more like accommodation first class in terms of food, dreamlike soldiers); uncle called a "martyr" a member of the leadership of his people in organizations Babil province and the result of bad behavior with citizens expelled from the party and after a period of exposure to the collision and died; his sister, "Hanan al," a member of the organizations of the Baath Party and its scandal remembers Dr. Hasnawi when he was before the occupation in Karbala health director of a physician resident and are the causes of slapped by him.

After the occupation of Iraq and resolving the Iraqi army work morning Fatlawi profession (Monument Repair Satellite) in the province of Babylon after he removed the "Hanan al" dress Baath Party, as with a lot of opportunists and wore a dress of the Dawa Party and became a member of the Dawa Party, and his deputy in Parliament introduced her brother to al-Maliki and disarmament is another robe and wearing the dress of the Dawa Party and was awarded the rank of brigadier and recognizes the position of the province's police chief Dhi Qar and married ordering seconds of the people of Dhi Qar province, after it became owns the funds that generate it from the drug trade after it agreed with drug dealers and smugglers to protect them against the amounts of significant financial dollar, one of those who contributed to plunge the cities of central and southern drug-Iranian (cannabis) and the work of facilitating drug smuggling to the Arab Saudi Arabia, taking advantage of his position as commander of the police Governorate; subjected to a scandal after the intelligence Dhi Qar province to arrest drug traffickers in possession of quantity Large admitted on the morning Fatlawi and raised the information to the Interior Ministry, in turn, raised the information to Nouri al-Maliki's office and his answer was (this son sufficient to be transferred from the Dhi Qar police to the leadership of the Federal Police) in honor of Hanan then issued Maliki (muggers fever and spoilers Protector) an order appointing him commander of the police Babylon but this time took the wind do not blow Maliki ship has been the province of Babylon Council refused to accept as a leader of the police to the presence of the corruption of large files right then issued Maliki an order appointing him as head of Samarra so totally immersed in drugs and moral corruption.

Details scandal: report "Mohammed Abbas" of the people of Babylon (mud area ), a Director of the Office Maj. Gen. Sabah al-Fatlawi and his work in the office is limited in the profession of "pandering" to morning Fatlawi ten days ago, said Maj. Gen. morning to Semsarh (Mohammed Hovenh alone sweet) and he skimmed honor and jealousy answered girl my aunt very beautiful enjoyed period which was born in 1992 I arranged this Alsemsar way they can by bringing girl his aunt in the arms of Maj. Gen. morning with the presentation that this girl orphan and is in the care of her uncle who are poor case and give in charity on them people.

Attend this Alsemsar group of police Clothed sensible and Aleshmag and brought Vice officer arrayed Turban and these are (walker) in order to preach The girl and with them, and when they arrived at the house of her uncle with the son of her aunt Alsemsar morning Brigade morning with the uncle of the girl spoke, saying to him (you know that I paired two women) and I want one knows this marriage work contract legit written by the Sheikh (MP officer GSP) and after a period officially convene in court taking The girl went out to the house of his in Diyala province spent with them five days and then the house left to the other of his house in Samarra and spent with this poor girl five more days then sent to their owners after he removed her virginity and having asked her uncle him why I left you her engagement and married her a legitimate contract said his morning (O contract Wayne this Sheikh generalized who on his contract was pocketing vinegar chance to see) and when people advised him that turned him after he knew this vile act advised him to submit a complaint told them (Alemen oldest second day complaint puts me Maj. Gen. morning in prison on charges of terrorism and I am poor Ashkoa warrants to God).

His wife Ashraf him / when I learned his second wife in this scandal, from the people of Nassiriya said to him (I hear first "divorced" and secondly if the promise of honor and other married this poor you are officially broke her knee and otherwise will reveal all the issues of corruption and money obtained by drug); this model of Maliki's military leaders who have lost military honor models and the section you swore him after he became a ride, however, al-Maliki to buy them after they open their coffers corruption and heaped them money and pieces of land, homes and luxury cars to occupy thy blood of Iraqis and Iswmua Iraqis ill suffering in the camps jails .

challenge "Hanan al" that appear on the media to deny this crime, moral landmark for her brother denies its own information and her family and tell the owners "of people knocking on the door knocked on his door."