Tuesday Parliament resumes its sessions .. and balancing the 2016 first laws on the agenda

06-12-2015 04:30 PM

MP for the National Alliance honest frankincense, Sunday, that the House will resume next Tuesday meetings, noting that the 2016 budget law will be the first laws presence for discussion.

He said chewing gum in a press statement, that 'the Parliament a lot of important laws when it resumes sessions illusions law the budget in 2016, as well as other laws and deferred a National Guard Criminal Court and the law of general amnesty and others '.

He explained that' most of the broken laws in Parliament is for political reasons because of the lack of political agreement on these laws ', calling for a' get away from retrenchment and look at the interest of the people and the country first before the interests of the parties'.

He pointed out that the frankincense 'Parliament will resume its sessions next Tuesday.'