Oil Minister: Iraq's fourth largest producer and third globally .. oil exporter

Sunday, December 6, 2015 10:46

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Sunday, the ministry's exports of crude oil from the southern ports, which reached the highest output in the history of Iraq in the past month, despite the financial crisis taking place in Iraq.

He said in a written speech, "said the ministry had the highest proportion of exports of oil in November month from the southern ports only unless achieved by Iraq throughout its history, despite the financial crisis does not it strikes only, but affects companies as well, noting that" despite the complexities series in infrastructure and administrators political, social and tugging has Exports excluding Kirkuk and Kurdistan 3.365 million barrels / day .. and what was issued during the same month of the ports only 100.95 million barrels. "

He said Abdul-Mahdi, "The ministry was able to compensate the decline in exports in October due to weather conditions in recent him three days .. We also have to maintain an annual rate of exports of more than 2.9 million barrels / day, higher than the planned exports, according to the budget in 2015, which estimated the B2. 750 million barrels / day from the southern ports.

He noted that "the month of November was not a successful experience at the level of oil exports only, but it was a successful experience at the level of exports also capabilities, has managed sector to be released in one day, about 4.5 million barrels, and that the export capacity will increase up to 800 000 barrels / day with enter "Water Raft" (SPM) No. 5 to the service during these days. "

Said Abdul-Mahdi said "November was a successful experiment in Alkhoznip energy .. which is not duplicated several times since the beginning of 2015, because we were able to production storage in the days of the poor state of weather forecasters, October end, so that we can pump inventories later .. which reduce compensation to the extent not remember, that we push them to companies previously, when we ask to stop production due to export or to stop filling the tanks .. With the entry of 8 new tanks before the end of this year, the Alkhoznip our capabilities will become increasingly more and more .... and we'll have the energies of the largest and broadest flexibility In the oils stored in mixed or separated, investigators in all that important benefits. "

Abdul-Mahdi, and noted that "the 2016 budget estimated exports B3.600 million barrels / day, which is based on the production of -mthakq Fla- closer to 4.5 million barrels / day .. taking Iraq's fourth largest producer in the world after the United States, Saudi Arabia and Russia, after progress China and Canada .. and the third largest exporter after Saudi Arabia and Russia. "

"The world sees this vast oil developments in Iraq and deal with it, and with the consequences of economic, political and entitlements, current and future .. Therefore put on the country's proposals and projects that can be moved, not the oil sector forward more and more, but overall economic activity and the subsequent political and security changes, administrative and social service and structural and developmental, in order to serve the fundamental interests of our citizens and to begin .. Iraq Baltsdr in many other areas, to regain its historical role and its place in the forefront of countries. "

However, "But what a pity, that the internal our preparations, and Jahazeetna to move and cross from event to event, it is still lagging behind .. like it used to savoring Bamabat last disputed and backward and Ripper .. do not see the future and what Iraq possessed of stocks civilized and human and natural and geographical enormous .. but that many inside Iraq do not see these developments and prospects, and acting concepts and mentalities lethal and disruptive behaviors, pulls strongly back, but knowing that this is exactly what he wants the enemies of the people and the country, ".anthy 21 and /