Oil exports recorded an "unprecedented" last month, the amount of 3.3 million b / d


The Oil Ministry announced, all recorded an unprecedented increase in oil during November of last month, to reach 3.3 million barrels Aumia.oukal ministry spokesman Assem Jihad, in a statement received (justice) a copy of the initial oil exports through November of last month "has seen an increase unprecedented in the daily average of exports not be realized for decades, where the daily average stood at three million and 365 thousand barrels, "noting that" the total quantities exported amounted to approximately 100 000 945 thousand and 867 barrels, the same quantity exported from southern Iraq. "He added that" Iraq is not be able to export through the northern Turkish port of Ceyhan port because of the Kurdistan region's commitment to the agreement and the loss of Iraq's oil for export rate of 550 thousand barrels per day. "
Jihad pointed out that "the price of a barrel rate of $ 36 and 420 cents," noting that "the total financial revenue generated for the month mentioned amounted to more than three billion and 676 million and 413 000 dollars", stressing that "national production rate of crude oil except for the Kurdistan region amounted to three million and 657 barrels per day