Oil Ministry calls for the Security Council to investigate the oil smuggling across the border

The Ministry of Oil, the UN Security Council to investigate about the smuggling of Iraqi oil by the terrorist gang Daash and identify the actors involved in these operations.
A spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, in a press statement quoted by the agency all of Iraq [where], that "the security demands of the formation of committees of inquiry to activate the decisions taken previously in connection with smuggling of Iraqi oil started, and identifying the actors involved in it, and the criminalization of all those found involved in the process of Council smuggling, if they are individuals, companies or countries. "
Jihad and carry the responsibility of the Security Council to identify and prosecute those involved, "adding that" the demands of the Security Council to follow up this issue, and therefore, the Security Council is based, in this context, legal operations, Iraqi and diplomatic follow it. "
Jihad declined to accuse any party handling the sale of Iraqi oil, which evading Daash, asserting that "the oil ministry now can not be accused of what were not have evidence or documents," explaining that Baghdad would prefer to stay away from "emotional or political accusation, and when there is an impartial investigation in the subject, will be announced to the world body involved in that. "
He revealed that the Iraq jihad for losses in the oil sector, as a result, "Daash" practices, amounting to billions of dollars, because of smuggling large quantities of oil, and the destruction of oil installations and pipelines to export oil. "
Jihad said that Iraq "lost from 300 to 400 thousand barrels of oil per day, due to stop the Baiji refinery for work, because of the assault Daash him, noting," The refinery was to meet more than half of Iraq's need of oil derivatives, as well as the destruction of the oil pipeline, which was going through through the Turkish port of Ceyhan in March 2014, and billions in losses this month. "
Jihad explained, that "Daash was smuggled large quantities of Iraqi oil from Ajil and Hamrin fields in Salahuddin province, to be edited, and it was done through the province of Nineveh, and from there to the border," and certainly that activity is the main financier of operations Daash ".
The UN Security Council resolution was adopted unanimously by its members in 2199, in February to prevent the smuggling of oil and laurel from both Iraq and Syria, and dry up the financial sources of the gang Daash. The decisions adopted at the time of Russia, America and China, which he described as "a very important decision."