Industry: competition "imported" subject to the application of customs tariffs and to support the dinar

Called Economists, on Saturday, the government to activate the local product support laws to encourage investors by taking legislative steps and operational support of the national economy, while the Ministry of Industry confirmed that the ability of its products to compete with the foreign product is subject to the application of the customs tariff law and the protection of the national product and the lack of support for the dollar exchange rate ".

The economist said Mohammed Abdul Latif al-Ani, in an interview for the "long", that "Iraq is among the elements of industrial manpower and raw materials, but the problem lies in the successive administrations that have ruled the country and started throwing systematically local industry despite the significant financial effect involves."
"The lack of a strategic program for the advancement of the industrial sector from the public and private sectors has led to the emergence of large economic crises, notably unemployment and sluggish domestic market movement helped in the spread of financial corruption significantly."
He said al-Ani said "the national industry support is not in word only, without the presence of legislative and executive steps to support the local investor and encourages him to develop his product through the activation of consumer protection customs and tariffs that the government has failed to apply the law at least in part to include certain basic citizen goods."
He said the "escape of Industrialists of the real sector of the economy which is the industrial and their resorting to a simple commercial banking and non-complex is to ease work in the rapid and large and the gain on the marginalization of the previous and current governments to establish local market is characterized by force and keep up importer who does not carry international quality specifications."
He noted that "the marginalization of the role of local investors led to the migration of domestic capital to neighboring countries because of its stability helps to create labs and private factories, a reverse migration have significant negative consequences for the most important of the loss of the country of funds and expertise that does not compensate in a short time."
"The activation of the role of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals state-owned companies would be a real leap towards the movement of funds between state institutions and reducing the rate of import from abroad, which carries with it significant is happening financially corrupt contributed By creating mafias take her cover of law."
He pointed out that "the operation of the public sector companies provides large sums of money for the state through the provision of funds in the general budget and the deficit and the lack of cash for salaries for most employees of public sector companies."
The Minister of Industry and Minerals, Thursday (3 / December / 2015), the ministry's ability to compete with foreign goods, on condition that the application of the customs tariff and the protection of the national product and the lack of support for the dollar exchange rate laws.
Said Mohammed al-Darraji, said in an interview to the (long-Presse) and a number of media, said that "the ability of products, the ministry of foreign companies to compete with the product subject to the application of the customs tariff and the protection of the national product and the lack of support for the dollar exchange rate law."
Darraji and that "the ministry will not be able to compete with foreign goods because the dollar is currently sold at a cheap price."
The Minister of Industry and Minerals, acknowledged last week, there were "problems" in the marketing of products the ministry, while called on corporate boards to take a role in this area, revealed a tendency to develop new mechanisms for marketing.
The Ministry of Industry and Minerals, announced, (25th of November 2015), for approval of the Cabinet-fifth session in its session, which was held in (the 24th of that month), to activate the decision required all ministries and government agencies, the purchase of public companies products.
And suffer the majority of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals of sagging owners, and the obsolescence of its plants or stopped as a result of the scarcity of electricity and fuel