Almatmralamsrvi .. tasks and challenges

Author: Yasser incumbent

06/12/2015 0:00

Ended the Iraqi private banks association preparations necessary to convene the Third Banking Conference, efforts are being made ​​to make it a success in terms of the broad organization that parallels the size of participants from Arab and international figures and high-level care, do you question this enough to succeed in a situation that is going through the banking sector?

When talking about assumed the role presented by the banks to achieve economic development bear the main responsibility and referred to the importance of their role, on the other hand they are vulnerable to criticism that connects the extent of abuse may be the result of wrong behavior of some of them any «banks« and not necessarily all of you can imagine the size of the impact on its reputation among its peers from international banks and investment companies hoped to attract the country.

One of the most important requirements of international companies to invest provide discreet financial sector institutions The banks, insurance and the stock market and what was the case with banks so the reputation of the challenge before them, and grow up influences that is the wishes of the companies decline to the lack of activities logistics requirements of course.

So the banking sector be confused in this equation «tasks and challenges» if it can not judge the success of the conference through the preparations, organization and good reception, but also in how to deal with the challenges and presented at the conference to discuss the means confront and to enable it to perform its functions, when that It will be the importance of the conference, but if adjourned without resolution of this dilemma, it will spend Cassapqath without avail. From here on the solution?

Certainly, the joint responsibility between workers in banks and executive bodies, and by the way, the modern Aa_khas private banks exclusively but also includes government, especially as they are subject now to a new structuring it in a shrine own in terms of functions and rights.

Here, challenges do not need to be clarified, because we address the owners regard «and the people Mecca know the twists », told the conference the task of being a tough conference, but what challenges and interest without being treated?