The escalation of activity in the oil sector at a high

  • 26/02/2012 7:06

Baghdad, "Iraq's gate," Mohammed SharifRising performance of those working in the oil sector at a high, after that, the team that this sector will increase the rate of Iraq's oil exports during the year 2012 to more than three million barrels per day.It was announced last Saturday on the completion of the construction of eight oil tanks on the Persian Gulf out of 16 The Ministry of Oil for its implementation to implementation.The spokesman said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad, in a press statement, "The ministry has established eight tanks of oil to the Persian Gulf out of 16 reservoirs is seeking to implement them within the first phase," noting that "the storage capacity of these reservoirs quarter of between 300 to 350 thousand barrels per tank" .Jihad said that "the second phase includes the establishment of eight other tanks for up to 24 the number of reservoirs," noting that "the establishment of such reservoirs is part of a major project aims to create a floating ports and pipelines to increase export capacity and Alkhoznip Iraqi crude oil."Committees of the General Manager of the North Gas Company Herno Najib's (Rn) that "Iraq is working to build a four-port card export a total of up 3200 thousand b / d, where the capacity per port up to 800 thousand b / d."He added that "The oil ministry is working to develop the oil industry through the development of scientific methods in the four institutes of oil circulating in Baghdad and Basra, Baiji and Kirkuk."He pointed out that "The ministry seeks to provide a cadre of moderation, and is the follow-up curriculum in institutes of oil on a regular basis and enhance students' ability to provide scientific and practical training through the provision of modern scientific laboratories and learn about the latest developments in the different oil industries."Iraq is seeking to increase production capacity in the coming years to reach 12 million barrels a day.It was opened by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in 12 of the current month of February, the first floating platform to export oil out of five card export of 850 thousand barrels per day.The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani, the fourth of October 2011, that Iraq will raise the rate of export of oil over the next year to more than three million barrels per day after the opening of four ports floating north of the Gulf, confirming the presence of a plan to increase exports through new outlets, while likely to reach production capacity of the country by the year 2017 to 12 million barrels.