Legal representative: World Bank loan rejected because of its negative impact on citizen
DECEMBER 5, 2015

Member of the parliamentary legal Committee, mp Salim Shawki, Saturday, to borrow from the International Monetary Fund, entailing significant financial burdens, indicating that the Fund requires the lifting of subsidies on fuel ration card and derivatives and the health services provided to citizens.

Shawki said, borrowing from the International Monetary Fund has rejected the House being arranged financial burdens and obligations on Iraq, adding that "fund raising requires support from the ration card and the removal of subsidies on fuel derivatives and health services provided to citizens.

"Borrowing from banks or Central Bank or issuing bonds through banks is OK and doesn't mind doing House", pointing out that "the Committee has a lot of observations about the federal budget for next year 2016 and to Ministers of oil, finance and planning when hosted in the House of representatives, and the balance returned to the Cabinet for redrafting by the House proposals.

Anticipating Shawki "call to an emergency session this month to ratify some amendments by the Council of Ministers".