Retrieves eliminate about 87 billion dinars, and arrested three forgers for loan guarantees


(Independent) ... the judiciary announced recovery of about 87 billion dinars were disbursed agricultural loans of the three accused of rigging the Real Estate bonds, with the arrest of three suspects in Baghdad confirmed the airport while trying to flee out of the country.

A judiciary spokesman Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar in a statement received (Independent) said Saturday that "the court of inquiry integrity in Rusafa succeeded in retrieving amounts of $ 86 billion and 900 million dinars was about to conduct about illegal from a formal banks for three accused have rigging Real Estate bonds to provide guarantees for the benefit of agricultural loans. "

Bayrakdar "The three defendants were arrested at Baghdad International Airport while trying to escape out of Iraq, noting that" the arrests took place in accordance with Article 444/11 of the Penal Code, and in terms of material fraud ". (End)