State of Law: Iraq will take legal action against Turkey

Special - scales News - MP for the coalition of state law Nazim al-Saadi, Saturday, to demand that the central government to hold accountable Massoud Barzani to help Turkey to penetrate the Iraqi border, indicating that the survival Barzani threat to Iraq's sovereignty and security.

Saadi told L / scales News /: that "there is legal action taken by Iraq against Turkey for breaking the borders of Iraq and the entry of its troops from the center without the knowledge of the government."

He added, "There is great popular resentment towards Turkey, especially when the target aircraft in Russia and 17 seconds today are violating the sovereignty of Iraq" and called on everyone to "take a serious attitude in this matter."

He continued, that "there is a normal procedure in the absence of turkey withdrawal of troops as soon as possible," adding that "the creation of differences between Iraq and Turkey can not be overcome."

He pointed out that "Barzani today he clings to power despite losing the legitimacy of the constitutional and legal standards, and he was acting personally and it is against the law," following up "The Barzani has joint agreements with Daash, Israel and Saudi Arabia."

He stressed that "Iraq has a strong army and does not need to enter the ground forces of any country."

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi office said the presence of Turkish troops numbering up to one armored regiment and a number of tanks and guns entered the Iraqi territory, in what was considered so serious breach of Iraqi sovereignty .anthy 29 / W 23