Mr. Qabbanji: Iraq does not need foreign troops to fight at home
{Najaf: Euphrates News} confirmed to Fri Najaf, Mr. Sadr al-Din Qabbanji, that "Iraq does not need foreign troops to fight at home."
Mr. Qabbanji declined during Friday prayers at the Grand Husseini Fatimid Najaf Najaf, and was attended by the correspondent of the agency {Euphrates News} "the intention of the United States to send military forces to Iraq-strong 100 000 troops," stressing that "Iraq does not need to fighters in the face of Daash not even support, and the major countries by lifting her hand only.
"He asked Do we need foreign forces? And why not eliminate Daash in a year and a half and it was the Iraqis can cleanse the land from these gangs, as in the cliff victory and Amerli? And why tens of thousands of volunteers without securing their lives and their salaries, and failure to provide them with weapons? And why not break the international coalition convoys Daash? Why provide them with weapons under the pretext of suspicion? Why Saudi Arabia and Qatar and are America's allies provide financial and human support for Daash without any dismissive of America's position?
He also asked that "Why equip Daash the latest weapons and techniques? And why Europe provides them with fighters?", Noting that "the war behind it all is to fight Islam, therefore, must be corrupt and oppressive regimes are changing in the region. "
On the other hand he stressed that "Iraq thanks to God and his affection for the people of the house {peace be upon them} making miracle Visit the forty," asserting that "The world is amazed by the participation of 27 million visitors and more than 60 countries under conditions in Iraq and the challenges of terrorism to him, and did not occur any problem or band, "thanks in advance for the ministries which made ​​an effort in this process, stressing that we do not thank the Iraqi people and processions Hosseinieh; because God sponsor Bhkurhm. Ended h