Sistani's representative: Arbain will confirm the success of the victory of the Iraqis Daash 12/4

Karbala / ... the most representative of the religious authority, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, successfully visit the death of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him in terms of organization and administration, "noting that it" would be a confirmation of the victory of the Iraqis in the war on terror gangs Daash reform and the battle against the corrupt ".
Said Karbalai in the Friday sermon from inside the saucer-Husseini al-Sharif "has been visit the death of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him and her million-man blessed and crowned with great success, which was a reflection of good management and administration in various ceremonies due to the good efforts and exceptional for the various parties which were supervised by where not recorded security breach significantly adding to an acceptable level or quality of the services provided visitors. "
He added that this success "certainly represents a complex observation and exceptional circumstances through which Iraq is a great national success for all government and public institutions and citizens who have contributed to the team spirit in the success of this Alambakrh visit."
The "we have to express our deep pride and appreciation thanks to all who have had the active role and the foundation to the success of this visit, including the masses of the virtuous and students of the Hawza who were deployed in the various roads leading to Karbala for the communication of religious knowledge and guidance of visitors."
Karbalai also praised the "security institutions with all their titles and denominations and with it the masses of volunteers, where he was a larger role in the success of the security for the visit and a private intelligence agencies that have prevented the access of terrorists to the masses of visitors in more than one place, as well as state institutions, service of health, transport, public services and departments of religious shrines in Najaf and Karbala and Kadhimiya, processions Hosseinieh Aezzairah, service and many citizens who have made dear to them. "
The representative of reference for "Special thanks to all the visitors who had the attendance conscious in the performance of the visit, a ceremony important role in this successful and forgotten the important role of the media, which highlighted Magdy Rady crowds of visitors and represented by the visit of the embodiment of the principles and values of the Husseini revolution blessed."
He pointed out that "In spite of the lack of basic infrastructure and the necessary capabilities to the requirements of the visit of the crowds millions from inside and outside Iraq now provides that the Iraqis have proven high capacity to overcome the problems to achieve this resounding success of all of its security and service aspects and regulatory What was it, but the availability of sincerity and coordination factors Higher feeling of responsibility and collective action Altzamna who blew all energies in the service of everyone and all this in addition to the great victories of the armed forces and volunteers on the battlefield against Daash ".
He added that "all of this should represent additional lessons for all Almtsidin of Responsibility for the country and Ionnbhm as Where available, the factors mentioned sincerity and a sense of national responsibility and cooperation among everyone, it can certainly get out of the current crisis through which Iraq no matter how harsh and difficult circumstances."
Karbalai pointed out that "the sustainability of the rally millions of visitors on the occasion of the death of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, despite the risk of psychological terror and the difficult conditions experienced by the citizens due to the successive crises in decades give a lesson of faith and nationally for the great sons of the Iraqi people."
He explained that "In spite of the crowds of visitors that you may experience its men and women and children of the generations present and the past two predecessors challenges and difficulties large during the long years which Taataftr her rocks of the mountains, either at the level of fighting and oppression and torture of rulers or Harvester terrorist bombings to the lives of thousands of them in recent years Now that these multitudes secured her case that do not have a weapon, but a weapon of faith and allegiance to the Imam Hussein peace be upon him. "
The representative of reference "has managed the crowds Almeonah by solid will and determination established to continue this process and even doubled the cast, and its flame and this makes one sure that this people, the sacrifice and the patient will triumph on his enemies and will be defeated Daash gangs and shatter its might and injustice and tyranny on the rock of the steadfastness, patience and sacrifices of the heroes in the forces and armed volunteers and clans. "
"As it was certain that this solid will and determination will be well-established key factor for the predominance of the Iraqi people and the victory in the Battle of the reform and the establishment of good governance and rid the country of corrupt groups who have made Iraq Menhmba and Mma for fantasies and ambitions."
He said Karbalai "The SURGE of visitor numbers the inside and outside Iraq is disproportionate with weakness and humility the corresponding evolution is essential for basic services for visitors and here is imperative that the authorities concerned, especially in the federal government more than take care of and attention to providing necessary to set up infrastructure projects and public services resources, particularly in the the field of transport and the expansion of roads and the construction of public squares and parks, health and other essential services. "
He pointed out that he "can use the private sector to invest in the service areas, there is a great opportunity and great space for it and will have financial and imports also help to improve the economic situation of the country must also be the existence of a supreme committee carry out the functions of coordination, monitoring and regulation of the affairs of the visit Almokhtlvh.anthy 1