Zebari dialogue term: not reduced allocations in the salary scale and 20% of the budget allocated to security

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2015/12/04 14:45

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on Friday, that the bulk of the budget deficit, "Mall from internal sources", and pointed out that Iraq has the highest level of government employment by more than 17 million employees and pensioners and covered by social welfare, and among that allocations have not been reduced in the new salary ladder ,, revealed the allocation of more than 20% of the budget for security.

Zebari said in an interview on the (long dialogue), which will be presented from the "space-term" screen at ten o'clock Friday evening, said that "Iraq has succeeded in curbing inflation as a result of the success of the Iraqi Central Bank's policies," noting that "hard currency sale must that is, but. according to specific controls. "

He attributed Zebari, the financial crisis to "the adoption of the Iraqi economy on oil only and not to private sector development," pointing out that "the Ministry of Finance is responsible for the formulation of the budget."

The Minister of Finance, that "the bulk of the deficit was financed through internal sources of revenue from the remaining ministries and through the Central Bank," adding that "The ministry will send amendments to the budget to Parliament summed up by reducing expenses in general."

And between Zebari, that "more than 20% of the budget allocated to security," pointing out that "the face of the organization (Daash) and internal security occupies the priorities of the government."

He said Zebari, that "the government responded to the objections that you got the salary scale and revised," stressing that "peace has become the new fair after making adjustments where it included the reduction, the nominal salary without reducing allocations."

Zebari said that "Iraq has the highest proportion of government employment by more than 17 million and a retired government employee and covered by social welfare."