Abdul-Mahdi, confirms Iraq's intention to maintain the plans for oil production

Author: HAA
Editor: BK

2015/12/03 19:46

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Iraq confirmed on Thursday his intention to maintain the plans for the production of oil, noting that the consultative meeting "informal" to members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries "did not result in something tangible."

He said Iraq's oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, in media statements from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries headquarters (OPEC), in the Austrian capital Vienna, followed up (range Press), said that "Iraq will keep oil production rates," noting that "OPEC ministers are still discuss in their informal meeting, without reaching for something tangible. "

The statement comes Abdul-Mahdi, in the wake of media leaks on Saudi Arabia's intention to invite the members of OPEC cut production by one million barrels per day next year, 2016, in coordination with producers from outside the organization, as well as Iraq and Iran, where the two members.

The OPEC oil ministers held today, a consultative meeting "informal" meeting was held in preparation for the official league on Friday.

It is expected that OPEC members focused on how to stop the deterioration of oil prices, which fell nearly 60 percent in the current 2015.

Abdul-Mahdi, and the President of Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), Falah al-Amiri, had left Iraq, heading to Vienna to attend a regular meeting of the OPEC, in (the first of the current December 2015).