Maliki and the destruction of Iraq

Net Yasiri

Thursday, December 3.2015

List filed by Judge Rahim to the courts against the war criminal Nouri al-Maliki for the crimes of betrayals and super violations of human rights and Tamir Iraqi state of Iraq and the entity as a whole and crimes of theft of billions of dollars and cover up the thieves and corrupt and reset treasury Iraq and destroy the system of national and moral values, and clear security flattened and Tsaad sectarianism and the list is almost end, until Iraq is paper that blowing them children flew tire that service mullahs of Iran who have assumed the task of protecting his throne criminal, so they They resent any opponent of the influence and presence in Iraq, which upheld their garden Caliph Iranian province that does not headed, but the governor Azkonh, do not ask questions about the limits Iraq and violated by the Iranians today, the al-Maliki has permitted before that after two years, it was the first state to the owners Based betrayed and destroyed, and a second-term implementation of what the foundations and the third, and we thought it could not get, but the list of the existence of the smoothest them manageable country according Mdian (terrorist and sectarian turning the orbit of Tehran's mullahs and serve their interests in Iraq and the Iraqi account) and on this canceled the sovereignty of Iraq and gave Mekdraha to Tehran, Khamenei and signed them instrument Gfra all war crimes eight years but counted Ajehsana them on the Iraqis because they fought against Saddam, Iraqis lament on his time on according to the argument (Araoak death until satisfied Backouna) also signed them license to kill Iraqis of all components, led by Shiites who reject the state of Iran and its acquisition in accordance with the mullahs logic (La Paz sacrifice numbers of Shiites in order to preserve their state Iran ??) and continue to use this statement through their militias, which has become the real government leader Iraqi state that Iraqi state no longer, thanks to the mullahs' terrorism and colonization, says US political analyst Fareed Zakaria, that everything that is happening in Iraq is caused by the Vice President of the Republic article Nuri al-Maliki, who headed the Iraqi government for two terms.

Said Zakaria, who is described as the most famous journalists interested in Iraqi affairs and international relations, US foreign policy, said that "there are reports issued from the areas controlled by the organization Daash show that people do not prefer to live under the brutal rule of the organization and they live in a state of fear, even for those who preferred to live in those areas rather than live under Shiite rule and have become shareholders. "

He added that "the greatest intelligence and political mistake not to allow the organization to strengthen Daash himself, but was weakening the Iraqi state, in the middle of the year 2014 and when Daash began to take control of the city after the other was the response of the Iraqi army did leave the weapons and escape."

He said, "This army is spent by the United States more than $ 25 billion to build and strengthen and reached a population of 200 thousand military which is six times the number of Daash or more fighters, and everything was referring to one person, that person is Nuri al-Maliki, who I think then that the arrival Authority coronation of democracy "(It was not only the culmination of ignorance and banditry, sectarianism and treason).

He stressed that "al-Maliki, a Shi'ite In order to ensure the success of democracy was incumbent upon him to heal the rift between Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq, but he did not, and when he asked the army to fight Daash soldiers and said the military is not simply the year."

It testifies Iraq at the present time and large-scale military operations against al "Daash" Daash which controls several important cities for more than a year, such as Mosul and Ramadi, which led to the displacement of about two million Iraqis to the Kurdistan Region.

What he said Zakaria is only the tip of the iceberg in a series of crimes and Maliki Rhth which departments still spin when will undermine the foundations of the system are free Iraq that chick like this Juggernaut treacherous criminal predatory ??