Economy: the Government is forced to retrieve the money Iraq smuggled to supplement budget
DECEMBER 3, 2015


Member of the Committee emphasized the economy, investment representative najeeba Najib, Thursday, to recover Iraqi funds from abroad will provide the balance of the country, noting that the Government had to resort to external borrowing to cover the shortfall.

Najib said in a statement obtained by the news agency economy that "the Iraqi Government is obliged to resort to external borrowing to cover the deficit his be or become poor due to low income and are not sufficient to cover the obligations of the country, especially that Iraq is going through a State of war is a drain on money."

She said that "the Government has not been able to recover Iraqi funds abroad that escaped and went into the pockets of people with fake names could bring the country's budget", citing "the need for these funds because they are real estate investment return will provide the budget sums."