Economist: investment in Kurdistan is better than investing in Iraq

By Mustafa Curran 20 minutes ago 03-12-15

Roudao - Erbil

He said economic expert, Abdul Salam al-Hayali, that the investment in the Kurdistan Region is better than investing in the rest of Iraq's provinces.

Hayali said in a special program with Roudao network media that "investment in Iraq is long overdue because of the unstable security situation in Iraq, and that the investment in the Kurdistan Region compared with the best investment in Iraq."

Hayali said that "investment in the Kurdistan Region is not in the best stages Also, because most investors rely on investment buildings and complexes, leaving other investment areas, such as agriculture, tourism and so on."

He Hayali that "political problems between the Kurdistan Region and Center weighed heavily on the economy of the province of Kurdistan, and we hope to solve all the problems because the political problems negatively affect the economy."

In another speech economist went on that "more investors are present in the Kurdistan region, and this has led to progress on the Kurdistan region of Iraq in terms of investment because of the stability of the security situation in the region".