Warnings of the spread of US troops in Iraq and Abadi political digging its own grave

03/12/2015 14:07 pm (Baghdad time)

Translation balances News
It declares the ruling coalition in Iraq and the leaders of the popular crowd, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, may dig his own grave political, and undermines the fight against the terrorist organization Daash, in the case of allowing the spread of US Special Operations forces in the country.

According to "Reuters" said Washington, said that "sending US troops, expected to number up to about 200 band to Iraq to conduct raids against al Daash who seized large areas north and west of the country, and neighboring Syria."

She added, "The Abadi circulated his comments about the decision of the United States of America after hours, that any proliferation of such requires the consent of his government with US Secretary of State John Kerry insisted on Wednesday that the Iraqi government has been fully briefed on the plans said the two governments to consult closely at the details of the operation. "

The Reuters, that "al-Abadi partners politicians stated to Reuters, they would never accept in any expansion of US forces and insisted that Prime Minister Aetjr to take a single decision after the withdrawal of parliament from providing support to the program of internal reform in the past month because of concerns that it did not consult widely enough before making important decisions. "

Reuters quoted Abadi partners, where they talked to the positions of steady and who of them (of quitting and Mohammed Naji and Ammar Tohme and some of the factions of the resistance leaders) where they said, that "in the event of take-Abadi solo decision on the approval of the deployment of US special forces, would be subjected to questioning in the parliament session, aware interrogation that could lead to a vote of no confidence. "

She noted that "the move, seen as an attempt to reduce Abadi Authority amid discontent over his leadership style and the slow pace of reforms demanded by the Almtdahiron, raised speculation about the attempt to oust him, but these fears have subsided in recent times are not allowed to head for the government to authorize the deployment of US forces in Iraq, even if it is, it is rapid intervention forces Owalqguat intelligence. "

Reported among the prominent politicians statements above, that "any expansion of resistance in the role of the United States in the country, no matter how limited Ohumicnfzh, stems partly from a lack of absolute trust between Iraqis and their leaders of Washington's intentions and there is a fear of turning the course of the case at the end of the day to pursue the leaders of the popular crowd and politicians "Shiites" key, as some of them in the Favorites menu of American counter-terrorism ".

Reuters, however in its report, said that "for al-Abadi to give the green light for US forces to deploy in Iraq would not have been wounded by a live bullet in the foot, but was hit in the head and opposition from some factions of the popular crowd, which is seen as a bulwark against al Daash which form a stronger Organization factions in Iraq, it can also be forced Abadi to stall the implementation of the Washington scheme. "ended / 29/35