Council of Nineveh: Daash suffering militarily and financially and morally collapse in the province
December 3 2015

Said a member of the Nineveh provincial council, Seydou Hussein, that of the "Islamic State" Daash collapsed in all respects, and that the liberalization of the city of Mosul became soon.

Hussein said, in a statement to the media that the network Roudao "organization Daash collapsed down the moral and material, and the military side, it also weakens every day and that the liberalization process has become Mosul soon."

He said Hussein "We communicate on a daily basis with the people of Mosul and reach us accurate information that elements of al Daash fleeing the city of Tal Afar into the city of Mosul for fear of the Peshmerga forces."

He said Hussein "after the liberation of the city of Sinjar dispersion ranks of al Daash, as they fear the Peshmerga attack on the city of Tal Afar that called on them to escape into the city of Mosul."

He went Hussein "There is a group of gunmen in the city of Mosul who assassination of elements of al Daash This will create a big mess inside the city," adding, "as available to the people of the city of Mosul means necessary, they are from they will expel Daash of the city, but because of the bad conditions and cut supply line does not reach them aid ".

He went member of the Council of Nineveh province, "according to our information, the organization Daash collapsed in economic terms also, because he imposed on the people of Nineveh to pay taxes and fees, and this shows the weakness of Daash".

And editing city of Mosul, Hussein said that "the process of liberalization of Mosul have the common room between the Iraqi Ministries of Defense and the Peshmerga and the decision fully equipped for the process, which will begin in a timely manner."

The organization Daash dominated in the June 10, 2014 the city of Mosul, the second largest Iraqi province.