Safe paths opened to help civilians get out from Ramadi
Wednesday, 02
December 2015 14:27

Shafaq News / Human Rights Commission in Iraq announced on Wednesday, that the Iraqi security forces, which are preparing for the Liberation of Ramadi city ,

the center Anbar province have opened safe paths for civilians to get out of the city safely.

The Commission's member , Fadel al-Ghraoui told Shafaq News, that the security forces opened new paths in Ramadi to bring out civilians after they were made as human shields by ISIS organization .

He explained that a path was opened on the South side of Ramadi in al- Humera and a crossing west of Ramadi 5 km area, pointing out that temporary shelter camps were set up in al- Habbaniyah area to receive civilians.

Iraqi air force planes had dropped thousands of leaflets on Ramadi city demanding the residents who are not linked to ISIS to leave the city before the security forces storm it soon.