In connection with the recent events between Russia and Turkey, the news agency journalist Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Carolina Masur, was interviewed about the incident from a representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the Russian Federation Aso Jangi Talabani.

Q - How do you feel about the attack on Turkish Russian aircraft?

A- I believe that Turkey made a mistake to attack Russian airplane, a country with which maintained a good relationship. No one doubts that the action was planned.

Q - Is that the Russian reaction to what had happened to impose sanctions?

A - Of course. Russia is a vast country. And if anyone dares to make an attack, the government is simply obliged to react. Otherwise, the international community would regard silence as cowardice. And Russia has nothing to fear. As we all know, in the east there is a war with a terrorist organization "Islamic State", and it would be unwise to answer Russia's aggression to attack Turkey. Therefore, to impose sanctions against Turkey - a very soft and diplomatic progress.

Q - Do you think that Turkey is waiting in the future?

A - I think that Turkey will not sweet. First, the Turks lost such an important, strategic partner like Russia. On the other hand, it is no secret that Turkey is in close relations with the terrorist organization "Islamic State". They openly are sponsoring terrorism and buy contraband oil. Friendship with terrorists is fraught with consequences, not least because it is very dangerous. And it will be very good if the relationship will go just "out" and did not entail serious consequences.

Q - How will this incident in Kurdish - Russian relations? Will the Russian gain independence for Kurdistan?

A - Kurdish - Russian relations continue to grow and mature. But the independence of Kurdistan is still very early to say. In my view, the Kurds to start to come together in the quest for independence. Only then the Kurds will be able to attract the world's attention to their age-old question.