National Alliance calls for Parliament to involve Russia in the war against Iraq Daash

Twilight News / MP for the National Alliance Haider Alfoada on Wednesday, the House of Representatives to discuss the involvement of Russia in the fight against Daash terrorist operations in Iraq. The MP said Alfoada in a statement responded to Twilight News, that "America is not serious about eradicating Daash in Iraq, but surround only as confirmed most of the American leaders, led by US President Barack Obama," noting that "the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter gave clear evidence to the international community and to the Iraqi people that America is not serious about the fight against the terrorist gangs and they were betting on the time factor, where I wake up and Minister of the United States of Gfelth to send 50 people to Iraq to help him collect information and free the hostages and arrest the leaders of Daash ". He added that "Iraq does not need fighters, but needs to be honest positions of the United States and I think that America steps shy in fighting Daash while Russia has a real will to eliminate the organization, an ally can be trusted in this fight for it," and called on "parliament to discuss the involvement of Russia process equipment, training and intelligence gathering and providing air cover to our armed forces. "