Iranian First Vice President to Najaf

Twilight News / arrived, first deputy head of Iran's Republic of Isaac Jhangیra to the province of Najaf in Iraq to participate in the revival visit the death of Imam Hussein. According to the agency "IRNA" Iranian official, a number of local officials and military personnel and Iraqi Iranian ambassador in Baghdad were receiving Jhangیrی in Najaf airport. Jhangیra accompanied in his visit to Iraq two days of the Minister of the Interior and continue the commander of the forces of internal security and the head of the Hajj and visit. The visit of First Deputy President of the Republic of Iraq to coincide with the visit of millions forty Husseini, and the influx of millions of visitors from inside Iraq and various countries of the world, particularly from Iran to Karbala and Najaf to perform the visit. And yet it arrived more than two million and 100 000 visits to Iraq through the Iranian border crossings and airports to revive the memory of the death of Imam Hussein. Iraqi officials are expected to arrive in the number of visitors who came to the cities of Najaf and Karbala to 15 million people. Visitors and still ongoing movement toward the city of Karbala.