Iraq: agree to resort to the Constitution and the Conventions of Arbil
26/02/2012 08:03

Baghdad, February 26 (Rn) - The Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, a Sunday, that an agreement finally took place between the political blocs spend Judging by the Constitution and the Conventions of Arbil and the political consensus to resolve the outstanding issues, revealing the existence of a positive atmosphere that leads to access to the worksheet consolidated.

And Representatives of the three main political blocs (the National Alliance, and the Iraqi List, the Kurdistan Alliance) Four meetings of the papers presented during each block and vision to alter the course of the political process had been postponed last Thursday in the Fifth Meeting of the Committee.

It is the responsibility of the Preparatory Committee, which consists of 12 representatives of the political blocs unified put out a paper at the conference, which holds the national and also the task of identifying the date and venue

The leadership in the existing unit Jumaili told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), that "there is a possibility to get to the paper provides a unified after a positive environment for the success of the Iraqi National Congress and has some tendencies to enter this conference."

Jumaili explained that "the Iraqi List, orientations are resorting to the Constitution and the national consensus and agreements of Erbil, which was met with rejection from the other of the Parties (National Alliance), and finally come to an agreement on the direction of Iraq."

Shares the position of the Iraqi Kurdistan Alliance calling for the application unless the application of the terms of agreements Arbil, which was formed under the current government.

Jumaili denied that "the Iraqi List, looked at the option of regular meetings of the return of suspended ministers and deputies in the event was not held before the National Congress of the Arab summit in Baghdad," asserting that "the personal attitudes of members of the Iraqi List."

He ruled out some Iraqi political parties to reach a speed of political consensus within the Preparatory Commission on the working paper standard, especially since the Iraqi List, is still sticking to its demand the judge to resolve the political dimension to the issue Hashemi in the National Congress and rejected by the National Alliance.

The country has witnessed political tension was accompanied by security breaches days after the departure of U.S. forces in mid-December / December last year under the security agreement signed between the two countries.