Abadi response to the Pentagon: no need for foreign ground troops

Twilight News Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi / said that his country does not need foreign ground forces after the United States said it would send a special forces unit to help in the fight against the organization of the Islamic state. Ebadi said in a statement that the Iraqi government stresses that any military operation or spread of any foreign troops, whether private or any other place in Iraq can not happen without its consent and coordination with and full respect for Iraqi sovereignty. And he informed the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) the US Congress that it started sending units from the US to the rapid intervention of the Syrian and Iraqi land forces, to carry out specific tasks, without revealing the size of those forces. He said US Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, during a hearing him before the Armed Services Committee, US House of Representatives hearing, that the US special forces elements who have begun to spread will be one of the duties raid specific dens to arrest the leaders of the "Islamic State" (Daash). Carter said that sending troops is at the request of wishing to help them defeat the terrorist organization and the protection of the Iraqi border, the Iraqi government, noting that it will expand the work of those forces within Iraq's borders in coordination with the Iraqi forces, it will also be assigned to the American expeditionary forces to implement unilateral acts in Syrian territory, including a raid on the whereabouts of the "Daash" and gather intelligence on military targets.