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Executive Management continued strategy to alleviate poverty in the Ministry of Planning and the distribution of grant for each displaced family in Baghdad of (200) thousand dinars has covered (3850) displaced families and will continue to distribute the grant to cover (6721) planned for 2015 family.

New monthly number of newspaper
Baghdad / JAMC

Issued by the Media Centre of the judiciary number of new newspaper "eliminate" electronic, and starts number editorial to editorial director Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar entitled "Implementation of judicial rulings," cautioned the importance of the implementation of what comes out of the elimination of the provisions and decisions, warning of the consequences of Altmahl in implementing what It leads to chaos and failure to comply with the law. And includes the first three pages task judicial reports, including "judges dismantling largest cell for the supply of car bombs into Baghdad," In this report, the judges specialize files terrorism reveals that the booby intervention to the capital by bribes paid to security elements are corrupt, while the judges on how to detonate it speaks and casting for ways entry and through the confessions of the cell responsible for the corner and booby-trapping wheels Daash in what it calls the "mandate of Baghdad." In another report warns citizens of judges trap installed by lending companies through their signatures on an empty instruments, and talking about the most prominent crimes related to partially signature. The first three pages also includes an interview with the traffic judge in Baghdad, and a report on the tribal threats and other important topics. Within the pages of criminal files, the newspaper exposed one of the harshest and strangest crimes that have occurred in the last term in the province of Najaf, which includes the story of the life of his family fought ending the use of "Tabar". The page includes judicial affairs cover for efforts some courts and the role of the judiciary in the provinces and the most prominent cases before it and the discount rates. In the "opinion" page Judge Salem Roudhan writes an article entitled "judicial notification message", while Judge Iyad Muhsin ligature writes about "financial fraud crimes," writes Judge Nasser Al-Omran, an article entitled "The legal basis in determining the responsibility of the editor for publication offenses". And it included another episode last page of the book "the judiciary in Iraq" where Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud courts review the pre-2003 experience.