Ministries of finance and transport of oil and did not fulfill their promises visitors the direction of Karbala forty

The holy city of Karbala Council called on the federal government to abide by its promises towards the visitors of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) in order to provide the necessary services to them, The deputy chairman of the Council on Maliki told N. news reporting that the central government and through the visit Abadi and promised to send sufficient funds in order to provide various services millions during the visit, He added that the federal government and through the last round of the Minister of Finance in Karbala promised sums millions visit, in addition to the transport minister promised to send cars with Matnfq of fuel during this visit, and in large numbers, Maliki said that the oil minister as well as the other is promised to allocate large amounts of free Karbala from the fuel to the local government of its obligations to the visitors from the transfer of material, as well as gas and oil for cooking, Mbbna was all a promises will not intervene to Karbala to this day, only a pittance of the ISD ten Matanajh visit the province to cover the session, And he proceeds to the holy city of Karbala that mobilized all the security and service efforts in the service for visitors, but that this effort is not enough compared to the numbers of millions coming to the city, N.