Experts: the issuance of 50 thousand dinars edition will cancel the deal at 250 and 500 dinars gradually

BAGHDAD / JD / .. counting the number of experts and specialists in the financial and economic affairs decision of the Central Bank to issue a new edition the category of 50 000 dinars as a procedure Trqiei will affect the standard of living of citizens, stressing that issuance will cancel the deal for small groups as a class of 250 dinars and category 500 dinars and will become a category 1000 Smaller class dinars be dealt with gradually.
The economist said just Almnlaoa, the central bank directed towards the issuance of large groups of 50 000 dinars efficient and category 100 000 dinars will be accompanied by other measures implemented gradually cancel a small groups.
He Almnlaoa Agency / JD /: that the government is seeking to turn the financial crisis from the state to the citizen through the application of some measures pertaining to monetary policy in coordination with the Central Bank as well as fiscal policy, particularly with regard to the budget, noting that the decision to issue 50 edition thousand dinars will be accompanied by decisions implemented indirectly cancel a deal for small groups as a class of 250 dinars and 500 dinars category and category will be 1000 dinars, equivalent to 250 dinars in the current currency.
He added that this measure is Trqiei and will affect the standard of living of citizens and makes the society is divided into two layers rich and the other bankrupt, calling on the central bank to the need to implement the project to delete the three zeroes instead of resorting to the issuance of new editions may affect the trade balance in the market.
For his part, expert in financial matters on behalf of al-Tamimi, said the issuance of 50 000 dinars a class should not have any positive impact on the economy and the national currency, wondering what is the purpose of the issuance of this category at a time when the country is suffering from a financial crisis.
He said al-Tamimi told / JD /: There are reports that the cost of printing this new category is estimated at $ 68 per edition while 50 000 dinars, equivalent to about $ 48 which means that the print will cost the country a lot of money at a time when the country suffers from the financial crisis and the budget deficit Federal.
It was the first central bank to implement projects which they can support the national currency against hard foreign currencies and increase cash reserves instead of resorting to the implementation of the projects as a prosthesis issuing new editions of major categories.
The central bank announced earlier in the issuance of a new edition the category of 50 000 dinars.
He was a member of the Finance Committee MP Haitham al-Jubouri said earlier that the project of issuing 50 000 dinars category will be implemented during the next three years.
It is said that a source in the central bank denied the cost of the new edition of 50 000 dinars category is estimated at $ 68 stressing that the cost per Edition estimated only six cents.