Daash receive remittances from international financial institutions

The US Permanent Delegate to the United Nations Samantha Power, The Daash terrorist gangs receive remittances across international financial institutions.
On the Search Russia with the permanent members of the Security Council of a new resolution to prevent the financing Daash gangs and the victory, confirmed Samantha Power, match the positions of her country and Russia to prevent the financing of terrorism. The Power "Most of the efforts made ​​by Russia in the fight against Daash flowing in the same direction, which focus who we are. These efforts aimed at drying Daash resources including oil trade, money orders received through the international financial institutions, and here meets our interests, Russian interests.
"She added that" the United States seeks to hold a meeting of a ministerial this month, and have no reservation on the place The meeting, to take place in what could be New York, ".