Tamimi: 200 billion dinars in the budget will be awarded for electoral purposes and the names of fake

[Baghdad-where] revealed a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Majida al-Tamimi, the allocation of government for more than 200 billion dinars in the 2016 budget "will be awarded for electoral purposes and the names of fake".
Said al-Tamimi told all of Iraq [where], that "there is a paragraph put in the budget on behalf of disarmament and merging of militias with a value of more than 200 billion dinars, and these were acted for electoral purposes the salaries of specific persons and fake names as well as allowances for rent and expenses for the headquarters and cars."
She explained that "this paragraph they exist in the budget of 2015, and at the time personally demanded deleted but was voted on with the promise deleted in the next budgets, but repeated and laid back in the budget of 2016 ". She stressed Tamimi" intention to delete this paragraph in the budget, but it is impossible to be kept.
"The Council Representatives had ended in its meeting on the 22 of last month's discussion of the draft federal budget for the 2016 law, while held cabinet last week an amendment them to reduce the deficit, estimated at 22.7 trillion dinars, the equivalent of 21% of total expenditure compared to the expenses of 106 trillion dinars.
For its part, said a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi, said the amendment the government on the budget cut total spending five trillion dinars to be 101 trillion dinars.
According to what she said Tamimi, the size of the deficit in the new reduction of the budget [101 trillion dinars] with the same imports survival of the [84 trillion dinars] will drop to 17 trillion dinars and constitute 16.2% of the total budget.
It is scheduled that the parliament resumes its sessions next Tuesday to discuss the budget, adjusted and approved for the rest of the current legislative term after reducing to 30 per day holiday ending on 31 of the month Gara.