Justice reveal fraud in real estate valued at more than 69 billion dinars Madaen

Wednesday 02-12-2015 | 2:33:12

Twilight News / Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice announced with a team of the Integrity Commission, on Wednesday, for forgery and the use of the Real Estate operations in the Directorate of Land Registry in the cities.

A statement from the office responded to Twilight News, that the purpose of those operations was to facilitate access to loans from banks after forging the ownership of the property from the state to citizens and fictitious, adding that he has been manipulated sizes to increase the real estate value of loans.

The statement added that the value of the funds discovered this fraud has exceeded 69 billion dinars.

The statement quoted the Inspector General of the Justice Department / Agency Jamal Taher al-Asadi, saying that he has been the formation of a joint committee by the staff in the office and the Integrity Commission for the purpose of conducting a joint investigation on the Land Registry Directorate of transactions in the cities carried out by a female staff member.

Asadi said that the Commission has prepared an inventory and organize the list of properties that have been completed have a mortgage transactions by employee accused, explaining that he had been checking the real estate numbers and the names of the owners through her cross between insurance-kind record and folders permanent, check the real estate space in the bond permanent records mortgage transactions audit procedure Real Estate.

He said he found that there was fraud and the use of operations (46) property, referring to the after conducting an inquiry that many real estate false classified from the property of the state to the King of exchange of people and fictitious, and others have been changed classified to industrial and on behalf of the people and the ghost for the purpose of raising the estimated value her, thus raising the amount of loans obtained from banks and increase the real estate space.

And that employee is accused of hiding the insurance record-kind transactions were included under the false information on the mortgaged property as well as hide your external recognition of the adoption of banks record externally.

Asadi stressed that the Commission also discovered that the employee accused of the transactions consistent properties owned by the state and an agreement with the sellers through fraud and titled ownership to other people.

The Bureau requested from persons buyers of real estate to make a formal complaint to the judiciary for the purpose of the accused criminally accountable, he said, adding that the Commission also revealed walk 3 Real Estate transactions covered by the accountability and justice procedures contrary to the decision (88) for the year 2003, and stroll the treatment of sale of property based on being plopped verdict on behalf of a citizen while property sources and on behalf of the Ministry of Finance.

He pointed out that the value of the amounts that have been exposed in the manipulation of records (21) properties from among the (46) is 69 billion and 351 million dinars, while not infinite amounts of real estate totaling (25) a drug, adding that he will be approaching banks Rafidain and Rasheed, agricultural and industrial for the purpose of inventory value of the loan amounts.

He stated that the minutes of the joint committee has been accomplished and presented to the Minister of Justice, who constantly face the Committee's work to uncover the fraud winning the rest of the real estate and punish those involved, according to the law and those who abuse the reputation of the Ministry of Justice.

Asadi stressed that he was recommending to the Court achieve integrity Moukovih issuing the extension of the accused, and the issuance of arrest for people recipients of loans and counterfeiters orders and each of his relationship proved consistent mortgage transactions under which the embezzlement of state funds and falsifying records of real estate.