Expectations held Allqaouav the Preparatory Committee for the National meeting within the next two days


Baghdad morning
After it has been delayed fifth meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the National, which was to be held on Tuesday because of the preoccupation with passage of the budget, it is expected that the committee will hold its meeting within the next two days, after he was approving the budget last Thursday and adjourn parliament to sixth next March.

In this context, an MP from the list «Iraq» Hussein Shaalan, «We expect to hold the fifth meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference today or tomorrow to complete the discussion papers of the political blocs».
He explained that «no formal agreement on setting a date for the meeting has not been until now».
On the other hand, has ruled out some Iraqi political parties to reach a speed of political consensus within the Preparatory Commission on the working paper standard, especially since the Iraqi List, is still sticking to its demand the judge decisively the political dimension to the issue Hashemi in the National Congress and rejected by the National Alliance.

The mandate of the three presidencies

In a related context, MP for the Iraqi List, full-Dulaimi said the mandate of the three presidencies difficult to achieve at the moment.
He said in a press statement «that the mandate of the three presidencies» Republic and the Minister and the House of Representatives »is the prerogative of the people, because it will determine the election by continuing to work or not».
He added: »that the continuation of the three presidencies to more than one session is not a big deal, but the important thing is that people know how to choose and lives of its representatives at this stage, indicating that the political consensus that will determine the names of the three presidencies».
He explained: »Multi determine that the inclusion of States within the presidential constitution need to be political consensus, and this makes it difficult to debate now, especially with busy parliamentarians to resolve the political problems».

Alleviate the ceiling demands

In a related context, MP for the National inch our coalition, said the representatives of the political blocs to reduce claims in the Preparatory Committee meetings in order to speed up the national meeting.
He said in a press statement: »Work on the political blocs to reduce their demands at a meeting of the Preparatory Committee and the waiver of some of the topics, because the insistence on the demands of each block will prevent the paper out to the demands of a unified political blocs to be presented during the national meeting».
He added: »All politicians work during the national meeting on the upcoming self-denial and to maintain the interest of the country on partisan interests and factional service to the Iraqi people».
He said: »Iraqi people are expected to political leaders to resolve their differences, which overshadowed the grim reality service, economic and security, stressing that the continuation of the differences not only in the interest of one country who are waiting for evil«.

National meeting before the Arab Summit

He said the National Alliance MP Riad al-Zaidi, held that the national meeting of the political blocs before the Arab summit will be a diplomatic Anbthaqh to the Court, pointing to the need to put aside their differences so that the position of a unified Iraq at the summit.
He said in a press statement: »Arab League summit held by the political blocs to sit at the table of the national meeting is a pity that Iraq will attend the summit amid continuing differences between the political blocs, which could generate the impression is not good for delegates».
He added that: »the political blocs in the rush forget their differences and reach a common vision on the outstanding issues so that the position of diplomat unified Iraq at the Arab summit and side events with Arab leaders, which will be on the sidelines of the summit
In the same context refusal member of a coalition of state law deputy «National Alliance» Frankincense honest statements existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi, offering the outstanding problems between politicians in the Arab summit, noting that the political blocs is serious in resolving these problems before the summit.
He said in a press statement: It is not possible to put the internal problems of Iraq at the Arab summit for lack of a mechanism to resolve those differences and the Arab summit dealing with the problems of relations between states.
He added, all the political blocs to resolve serious differences before the Arab summit, noting that some parties in the Iraqi media are used to press in order to meet their demands, noting that the proposals of the National Alliance is the closest to the propositions of the Constitution.
He pointed to: that the paper standard that will be in the national meeting include the demands of all the political blocs, pointing out that the Iraqi List, calling for the ministries of security and balance in state institutions and the National Council for the strategic policies as well as the demands of the Kurdistan Alliance, which is Article (140) and oil and gas law.