Iraqi Ambassador: We have not left for Kuwait only $ 4.7 billion compensation

December 2, 2015

«Currently we import gas from Iran to meet the needs of electrical stations»
Iraqi Ambassador to Kuwait Mohammed Hussein Bahr al-Ulum revealed that remaining on his country of Kuwait of compensation for the invasion of about $ 4.7 billion of the total amount of damages of $ 52 billion, pointing out that «Iraq has always been committed to and paid off a year, but the financial conditions experienced by the result of lower oil prices and also military commitments have been asked to postpone payment. »
He Bahr al-Ulum said in a statement thanked the Kuwait «on its response to mitigate the financial their crisis and deferral of payments for 2015 and a freeze on repayment of 2016», indicating that «this in itself is responsive CICI indicates the sense of the Kuwaiti side as Iraq is going through a financial crisis and guide the development of our relations ». Asked whether it was possible to pay part of the compensation through investments in Iraq, «said that the compensation of an international obligation and must be paid has nothing to do with any investments.»
Bahr al-Ulum said that the Joint Bilateral Commission between the two countries will be held in Kuwait on 21-22 of this month, pointing out that «the first session of the Joint Bilateral Commission
Between the two countries it was in 2011 in Kuwait, and then the rotation of host countries every cycle per year means that they entered into the details of bilateral relations in various economic, cultural, social and political spheres ».
He reported that the convening of this Committee annually «evidence of the health and vitality of relations between the two countries and their development because of the convergence of positive Alssayastin leaderships in both countries.» He denied the existence of Bahr al-Ulum «You are stuck between the two countries», since «All things have their way for a solution and there is nothing stuck but there are things detailed to regulate the relationship».
And Iraqi gas subject, he explained that «there is an agreement signed between the two countries to discuss the opportunities for delivery of gas to Kuwait this topic in the hands of technicians», adding that «in the event of available excess amounts of gas, the Kuwait is the first where it was the first country to sign an agreement with Iraq The gas in so far, and we
Currently we import gas from Iran to meet the electrical needs of our stations ».
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