Kurdish Minister: We will start reforms in Kurdistan early 2016

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Kurdish Minister: We will start reforms in Kurdistan early 2016

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The Minister of wealth and natural resources in Kurdistan drastically province, said Tuesday that "reforms in the Kurdistan region will be the beginning of the year 2016," explaining that "in the absence of Daash terrorist gangs, he could Kurdistan region to export about one million barrels of oil a day to world markets. "

He said Hawrami on the sidelines of his participation in the gas and the Kurdistan region in the British capital London oil conference that "reforms in Kurdistan need time and money to implement reforms plans."
He spoke Hawrami about the relationship between Kurdistan and Baghdad's problems, saying, "We want to reach a suitable solution satisfactory to both parties."
With respect to foreign oil companies Hawrami said, "We continue to give benefits oil companies in Kurdistan, according to agreements signed with these companies contracts."

The Minister of wealth and natural resources, that "the Kurdistan use natural gas to meet the local need, and use it instead of kerosene in the operation of electric power in Kurdistan." .
and launched the Fifth Congress of oil and gas in the province of Kurdistan in London on Monday, is scheduled to continue until tomorrow, Wednesday.
is the largest international meeting will be held on the oil and gas sector in the region, and includes several workshops, which highlights the work of the oil companies in Krdstan.anthy