Masum confirms during a meeting with Cameron supporting the security forces to accelerate defeating ISIS in Iraq
Tuesday, 01
December 2015 12:46

Shafaq News / President of the Republic of Iraq , Fuad Masum stressed the need to increase the international support for the security forces to expel ISIS organization once and for all from the country.

According to a statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic on Tuesday, Masum met the British Prime Minister , David Cameron, noting that the meeting took place yesterday, in the French capital Paris, emphasizing the importance of strengthening political relations between Iraq and the United Kingdom.

The statement added that Masum stressed the need to strengthen the international community's support for the Iraqi armed forces to accelerate defeating ISIS terrorist organization and liberate the territory seized by ISIS, praising the support given by the United Kingdom to Iraq in its war against ISIS.

For his part, according to the statement, British Prime Minister has stressed his country's support for the political process in Iraq and support the Iraqi armed forces in fighting terrorism, praising the Iraqi armed force's ability to liberate a number of areas as noted by the effective Peshmerga forces in addressing the obscurantism attack of ISIS organization.

The statement added that in parallel with the reference to the importance of strengthening these achievements, the parties stressed the importance of completing the national reconciliation to ensure social and political stability in Iraq.