Deputy for Law: A call to internationalize the issue, Allawi, the Iraqi coup on democracy
Saturday, February 25, 2012 15:11

[Baghdad - where]

MP for a coalition of state law Hussein al-Asadi invite the President of the Iraqi List of Iyad Allawi, the internationalization of the Iraq issue as a "coup against democracy."

A statement received by all of Iraq [where] the day a copy of it today for al-Asadi said that "Allawi's request to internationalize the Iraqi file is a violation of the constitution and a coup against the democratic political process."

The leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, cleats, threatened, on Friday, that in the event of failure to resolve the political crisis, "off" the list will be obliged to submit a memorandum to the Arab League offer a political crisis in Iraq at the Arab League summit next in Baghdad to deal with them as dealing with crises in other Arab countries, stressing that Iraq does not want to be the exploitation of the National Congress as a bridge to cross the stage to host the summit alone without addressing the internal problems.

Allawi said in a press statement, "We have a crisis of Vice President of the Republic and the Deputy Prime Minister and the problems in the government in addition to security failures, arrests and marginalization and exclusion of large-and the absence in Iraqi prisons," and added, "We must solve this crisis right now and other than that we intend to submit a memorandum to the Arab summit point out clearly to the crisis in Iraq. "