Maliki's coalition denies that they proposed a law to prevent the Representatives to issue media statements

Saturday, 25 February 2012 09:04

Shafaq News /Media quoted the member of the Iraqia List MP Hamid Zouba'i in the parliamentary Commission of Culture and Information seeking for preparation of a draft law to ban the members of the House of Representatives to issue statements to the media, except after the Council's approval , stressing that members of the committee of the coalition of " law state " are behind this idea that reflects the confiscation of opinion and freedom of expression.
The member of the Committee on Culture and Information in the House of Representatives for the state of law Betoul Farouk said to "Shafaq News" that "the news of providing members of the state of law in the parliamentary Commission on Culture and media proposal of a law of prohibiting members of the Council of the statement in the media are unfounded."
She explained that the "Committee for Culture and the media did not discuss this subject at all, and it was not raised by any of the parliament's members."
Farouk showed "We are totally against any law abridging the freedom of the House of Representatives to give their opinions to the media, it is the right that is guaranteed to all according to the constitution, and the rules of procedure of the Council."
The reporter of the House of Representatives Mohamed Khaldi ruled out, earlier, the approval of such a law "because it will be passed through the Legal Committee, to study it and then to take the appropriate decision in introducing it before the presidency of the parliament or rejecting it ," referring to "the existence of a proposal put forward by the heads of parliamentary blocs, being circulated within the corridors of the Council. It requires the consolidation of the media discourse of the MPs"
Article 38 of the Constitution provides that Iraqi state guarantees without prejudice to public order and morality:
First, freedom of expression means all of them.
Second, freedom of the press, printing, advertising, media and publishing.
Third, freedom of assembly, printing and peaceful demonstration, that is organized by law.