Salah al-Din refused to wait to draft the region and UNHCR recognizes the signatures forms
25/02/2012 13:21

Saladin February 25 (Rn) - Salah ad Din province announced Saturday its refusal to be patient as the draft maintaining localization provided by the tribal council of Salahuddin in time in which the delivery of papers forms collect signatures of 2 per cent to the Electoral Commission.

Under the Act 21 of 2008 for the regions must gather support 2 percent of the vote if the Council of Ministers did not agree to refer the request to maintain the Electoral Commission for elections within 15 days from the date of submission.

The General Secretariat of the Conference of the Constitution of the Salahuddin province announced on 8 of December of December of last year brought in for the launch of the forms for signatures of supporters of the establishment of the province. And announced the end of the collection of signatures.

Civic organizations, and have failed to dissuade Iraqi province of Salah al-Din for their efforts in shaping the region.

The Senate of the Salah ad Din province earlier request to the governor of Salahuddin province calls to wait in the provinces and declared that to wait for the post-activation code 21 for the provincial councils and the expansion of the conservatives.

A member of the House of Representatives Karim Shaalan told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the option the option of the region constitutional, legal and preserve the past in completing its constitutional procedures."

The cream on the sidelines of a conference held on the territory at his home in the area of ​​the Tigris the city of Samarra "do not retreat from the project region at this time."

And local government officials decided in the province of Salahuddin in October last announcement maintain territories. Some said that the option of the regions is the appropriate solution to resolve the current political crisis in the country.

The announcement of the region as a reaction to what appears to be their campaigns arrests more people, the government said they were Baathists are planning to seize power in a coup.

And reliable supporters of the establishment of regions to grant broad powers to local governments in the management of administrative and financial affairs away from the dominance of the center.

A successful balance of the Secretary-General of the Conference's founding, "Salah al-Din province," he was to submit forms 2 percent of the vote to the Electoral Commission to ensure a formal record of the Commission to the rest of the proceedings.

The balance at the conference that "the province will not Ttrat project in the region. It continues to legal and constitutional procedures. Signatures of supporters to the region is Created with the UNHCR."

He said Mullah Sabhan horses Vice Chairman Salahuddin province, that the Council stands with the view of people of the province because it is representative of them.

The horses "sons of Salahuddin are demanding the province. We stand with them in this action taken by members of the Council did not back off him."

The Iraqi constitution allows for the formation of the region and requires either the consent of a third of the provincial council or a request to lift the tenth of the voters in those provinces to the Electoral Commission to hold a referendum is the last official announcement about the region.

And the convergence of an invitation to form regions in Iraq, a mixed response and in what the reaction of supporters of the policy of the government in Baghdad and the failure to accelerate the establishment of service projects Opponents believe it is located within the sectarian.

And a member of most of those who call for the formation of the territory in Salah al-Din to the coalition in Iraq. But lawmakers in the coalition opposed to the idea, as opposed leader, Iyad Allawi.

There are many parties believed to have support in Salahuddin opposed to the project, including the Association of Muslim Scholars and former Baathists and some of the leaders of the Awakening set up by the Americans in 2006 to assist him in tracking down al Qaeda.