Parliamentary Committee calls for economic central bank to change the behavior of bank Rafidain and Rasheed
Thursday, February 23 / 2012 07:2

BAGHDAD / However: the parliamentary Economic Committee called the Central Bank to change the behavior of government banks operating in the country, that the Committee welcomed the Makdta rules and regulations of the central bank towards the preservation of the Iraqi currency.
A member of the Economic Commission parliamentary Mahma Khalil, a reporter and news agency the future, said on Thursday that: "The Economic and after they received it from complaints by banks and institutions from the public and private shows that there are problems and routine government assassin needs to change and deal with serious and sophisticated and keep pace with banks World. "
He added that: "the Committee called the Central Bank to put pressure on the Rafidain and Rasheed to leave the socialist behavior prevailing in his work."
Khalilzad said that "the private banks and government are part of this problem and practices carried out by Iraqi banks are organized for the socialist sector and with distinction."
He pointed out that: "I called the Committee of the Central Bank to put pressure on these banks and the banking sector in general as the Iraqi did not serve the Iraqi economy, which stipulates that a free economy."
Khalil stressed that: "The Committee welcomed the economic rules and regulations of the Central Bank, which provides to maintain the trajectory and direction of the Iraqi dinar to other currencies."
It is noteworthy that Iraq declared earlier to postpone the program for restructuring the financial system of Iraq until the year 2013, which included the restructuring of the largest banks Iraqi owned by the state and are the Rafidain and Rasheed, and restructuring of the Audit Department at the Central Bank and the development of the private banking sector.
The Central Bank of Iraq, said in November of the year 2010, that foreign banks operating in Iraq do not work independently, but under the umbrella of the banks, local community, indicating that the investments of the regional countries in Iraq with a commercial character and lacking in international standards. "(Finished)
Marwan Shuwaili.