Maliki announced that he does not want to control the work of security services

22/02/2012 15:36

Baghdad, February 22 (Rn) - The State of Law coalition, on Wednesday, said he does not interfere with the work of security services and the work of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

This comes at a time in which he accused Congress of the Iraqi List, a conference held today in the House of Representatives of state law to impose its authority on the joints and Zrata Interior and Defense.

Ali said Alfalh spokesman for the State of Law Coalition told (AKnews) "we are not seeking to impose control over the security services or intervention work and what was said today is just a political bidding."

He said "state law provides that they must be independent of the security services and not subject to any political pressure."

The representative of Sistani in Karbala, Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai net and Ahmed had called in their Friday sermons to resolve the file security ministries sooner and leave the political differences and sectarian quota system and it seems that prevent the receipt of some of the candidate to the job of these bags.

And political blocs agreed to be the portfolio of the Ministry of Interior of the share of the National Alliance, and the defense of the share of the Iraqi List, except that each party's candidates reject the other party under the pretext of neutrality and efficiency of the candidates.

The House of Representatives may give confidence to the Government of incomplete headed by al-Maliki on 21 December / December of 2010, as promised al-Maliki, who is the security ministries and agencies named minister of security in two weeks but this did not happen did not resolve the issue because of the incompatibility of the political blocs to the candidates .