Finally Hamdiya fell Dry fist justice .. forwarded to the Court of money laundering


Tuesday November, 201 524

The writings of (special): After the popular and parliamentary claims long the need to investigate Hamdiya dry Director of Trade Bank of Iraq to practices in violation of the law and its contribution for the current fiscal crisis in Iraq has been the judiciary decided to refer them to private money-laundering investigation Court.

Revealed the Iraqi Integrity Commission today to investigate TBI director (TBI) Dry Hamdiya in accordance with Article 16 of the Money Laundering Act. It documents to the Integrity Commission / Department of Investigation on (3-11-2015) that "based on the decision of the competent integrity in Baghdad issues court of inquiry were sent papers investigative numbered (3123 BC 1/2015) of the Iraqi bank for trade and its director Commissioner (Hamdiya Mahmoud dry) according to Article (16) of the funds No. Laundering Law (93) for the year 2004 ".

The document added that" sending the papers came for the purpose of referral to the Court achieve the second Rusafa / Office of the fight against money laundering to complete the investigations and by the specific jurisdiction.

"The Iraqi lawmakers demanded on 25 February preventing Hamdiya dry from traveling "to the presence of the theft of more than two billion dollars have been converted to the Kurdistan region. They noted that" it is through our monitoring and follow us show us the existence of theft in the Iraqi Commercial Bank of TPI, where the Director-General of the Bank Hamdiya dry lending to the central bank in the Kurdistan regional government, which is Originally a non-banker to the central government for several months before an amount of 2.5 billion dollars.

"They added that the Kurdish director has applied for asylum with her ​​children out of Iraq and separated Associate Director-General of victory Khalil Mahdi because pinpointed competent theme parties .. stressing that dry made ​​the loan without collateral remember . They demanded Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and financial integrity Alniabaten competent authorities and security committees to conduct an urgent investigation dry and prevented from traveling outside Iraq until the end of the investigation last August reported (writings) that Hamdiya dry enabled through illegal facilities for her son Xuan Abdul Karim Farhan, one in his twenties get old business contracts worth $ 28 million.

The dry pushed her son to enter Xuan partner with Mercury General Trading in the contract for the supply of sugar to the Ministry of trade worth more than $ 28 million. Hamdiya but did not show the procedures of this loan to this company, but after her son plunged partner in this decade, Mercury company was forced to accept a ship equipped with sugar and after arriving in the port of Basra came under a terrorist incident, which exposed the company to a big loss. Since Xuan Abdul Karim Farhan son Hamdiya Dry partner in this decade has, it must bear part of this contract and to pay 9.088 million dollars during the period of a week, but payment refusal forcing the company to move the lawsuit against him.

has been known for Hamdiya dry granting loans Huge traders in Iraqi Kurdistan and companies with interests in the sub with them without being able to Asthsalha and where always put her children in the interface and by imposing on companies to enter the partners in order to facilitate them loans and the attached document confirms it ..