Parliament refuses to pass the economic infrastructure projects within the budget

Date: Thursday, 23.02.2012 7:27

□ Baghdad / follow-up range
revealed the economic and investment commission representative on Wednesday, the unwillingness of most of the political parties to pass a paragraph within the budget 2012 determines the allocation of $ 18 trillion dinars for infrastructure projects to pay on credit, indicating that the country has abundant financially can use it to finance such projects.

Committee Chairman Ahmed al-Alwani, according to (Rn): "There is a reluctance to pass the paragraph in the federal budget, which includes the allocation of $ 18 trillion dinars for the implementation of infrastructure projects to pay on credit," noting that "the lack of desire comes from the belief that these projects Stkpl subsequent governments debt significant financial. "
said Alwani, the country has abundant financial accumulated annually and can be used to implement projects, but not in a payment on credit, "noting that" the committee does not encourage such projects. "
The allocation of money for infrastructure projects new approach to pass the draft payment on credit, which intends to Government implemented through a bill of infrastructure which had ratified it in earlier, a value of $ 37.5 billion and submitted it to the House of Representatives, but suffers from problems in the approval.
Under the draft law on the infrastructure the new implementation of the foreign companies, especially Korean, including infrastructure projects, such as schools, hospitals, and projects water, method of payment on credit. and suffers from an infrastructure dilapidated in all sectors as a result of many years of siege and war during the last two decades of the last century.
The government says the financial allocations within the budgets of the country's annual unable alone to promote infrastructure projects that require large sums of money.
For his part, refused to a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment Aziz Sharif Mayahi make any amendment to paragraph (36) of the financial budget, which is for building the role of housing for the poor.
said Mayahi in a statement released yesterday that this paragraph provides for the development of infrastructure projects to no more than (18) trillion dinars, of which (2) trillion dinars for the construction of residential complexes for the poor are distributed according to percentage of population of each province and implemented on the basis of payment on credit.
added Mayahi: that this paragraph of the most important paragraphs of the budget of public finances, which are at the core support the poor and prevent having to live in the homes of a random and provide them with a home worthy of their terms of services, specifications, calling on members of the House of Representatives not to obstruct this paragraph. He pointed out that efforts by some parties to block the passage of this paragraph stands behind the motives and political reasons known and will not hesitate to expose any party impeding passed.
and decided the presidency of the House of Representatives Monday continued meetings of the Council until the end of the week, until the completion of the preparation of the budget bill 2012, and voted upon.
ended the House of Representatives during its meeting of 21 of the second legislative term of the year the second legislative second reading, which was held last Saturday for the Law of the financial budget for the current year 2012, which amounted to 117 trillion dinars and a deficit of 14 trillion, and the adoption of the production of 2.0006 million barrels per day and the rate is $ 85 per barrel.
had already called for House Speaker Osama Najafi time earlier the need to expedite the completion of the annual budget for 2012 during a short period, stressing the need not to prejudice the rights of the provinces in pumping money into ventures and investments, as he emphasized the International Fund that works to reduce and reduce the current budget in the budget for Iraq in 2012.
The Ministry of Planning has announced (22 September 2011), that the financial budget for the year 2012, will be between $ 112 and $ 120 billion , confirmed that 35% of which are earmarked for the investment budget, while the year's budget of $ 201,181,900,000,000 deficit of $ 13.3 billion.