Expert: Iraq's economy messy and needs a comprehensive plan to play

21/2/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add Comment - Baghdad (news) proposed an economist Dani Salem plan a comprehensive strategy for the advancement of the different economic sectors in the country, adding that Iraq lacks a clear economic policy. said Daini (the Agency news) Tuesday: The Iraqi economy is still in a state of fragmentation and chaos by the measures are economic taken by decision-makers and the absence of clear economic policy in the country. He added that economic development means the process of sustainable development of all economic sectors, particularly the private key agricultural and industrial, this process needs to a systematic strategy for advancement through the development priorities of the necessary scientific basis by the state for the advancement of the economy and transform the economy of a yield-sided to the economy multifaceted supported on the different economic sectors revenue annual financial statements. suggested: develop a plan of comprehensive economic based on the scientific basis for the advancement of the different economic sectors in the country, especially the productive sectors, including the fact that the country lacks the local product and is supported mainly on import outside due to the cessation treatment and deterioration of the projects of agriculture. and was a member of the Economic Commission deputy / coalition in Iraq / Qusay Fri said: The Iraqi economy is uncertain and needs to draw its policy again, calling at the same time to form a joint committee by the economic ministries to draw his policy. Gomaa said in an earlier statement (the news): The Iraqi economy is clear and that the federal government continues to work according to the laws totalitarian action by the former regime.

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