Liberal bloc renewed its threat not to vote on the budget unless their demands include the three
21/02/2012 13:12

Baghdad, February 21 \ February (AKnews) renewed the Liberal bloc of parliamentary of the Sadrist movement on Tuesday threatened not to vote on the federal budget for 2012 that did not include the three demands made ​​by the bloc formally to the House of Representatives and called for the allocation of funds from the budget surplus disposal through a special fund. said the head of the Liberal parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji told a news conference held at the House of Representatives that "the Liberal bloc announces it will not vote on the federal budget unless it includes three demands made ​​by the cluster is the allocation of funds paid to the Iraqi people, the imports of oil and put strict controls to balance complementary and not make them vulnerable to corruption and waste in addition to the allocation of 50 thousand degrees and careers. " and added, "the bloc, today visited the Finance Committee and stressed the need to include these demands in the final draft of the budget of the Federal and the Commission has promised us good to include these demands, but we insist on our position not to vote on the budget unless it contains." The President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi at a meeting on Monday to set next Thursday as the date for a vote on the federal budget for the current year. For its part, said an MP for the Liberal bloc Maha league during the press conference, "We assured the Finance Committee and the House of Representatives and a surplus of the budgets of the Federal for the years which is limited from 2004 to the year 2011 and explained the possibility of exchange of money from the surplus through a special fund and through a mechanism designed by the Liberal bloc to the Iraqi people. " is scheduled to present the Finance Committee its final report on Wednesday in preparation for a vote next Thursday. From: Hossam Ali, RN Fadi Zeidan