Planning allocated 400 billion dinars for the standard card project

20.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add Comment - Sumerian News / Baghdad announced the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation of Iraq, Monday, the allocation of 400 billion dinars for the draft card standard to reduce the incidence of corruption and fraud and manipulation, as announced the launch of the figures functional for all staff the country to prevent the combination of two. said Planning Minister Ali Shukri said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", on the sidelines of a press conference held at the ministry building, "The ministry has allocated 400 billion dinars over the budget in 2012, for direct card system, the national standard after the decision of the Council of Ministers work by the card tariff for the Iraqi people. " said Shukri that "national ID card the new standard will reduce the cases of corruption and fraud and cases of manipulation, as well as reduce the incidence of cross-border infiltration," pointing out that "the card is the National Standard is a modern and developed has been adopted by more countries the world's advanced. " He said Shukri that "The ministry will start also next to the card a unified national program launched Employee ID to the staff of the Iraqi state, which would limit the cases to combine more than one job at once," pointing out that "the Iraqi state is still dependent on the method is in its management, which depends on the employee himself to know the circuit works and school performance and employment history. " The Committee on Economic Affairs of the Council of Ministers recommended at its fifth on the sixth of February, the current inclusion of draft card national standard in the general budget within the budget in 2012 at a cost of college the amount of (200) million, as the Ministry of Interior who is executing the project. and the ticket includes a unified national abolition of four cards are supported at present a certificate of nationality and identity of the Civil Status and the ration card and the card housing to be in one card through the archiving of data for some 30 million citizens and the transfer restrictions to electronic system contains ten numbers represent a range of variables such as the province and the judiciary and the birth and so on.

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