Sadrist movement, describes the meetings of the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference Balbrootokolah

20.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
(Rn) Description of the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, the meetings of the Preparatory Committee for the National Conference Balbrootokolah and non-viable, criticizing the political blocs of the implicated issues of unconstitutional and illegal during the meetings. The Preparatory Committee was held in late on Sunday evening of the fourth meeting of its pour out a paper standard to be put up during the National Conference. and MP and leader of the Sadr movement Odai Awad, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the meeting yesterday is no different from previous meetings Valegwae is clear and there are blocks of pay trends in unconstitutional and illegal and the meeting was a protocol, to drink tea and coffee only. " said Awad, the problem today is the "lack of confidence between the political blocs and the lack of confidence pushes the blocks to stick to the demands posed despite the fact that there are blocks known their demands are unconstitutional," noting that there are more determined to put these issues and there is not stuck in line before the meeting, "resorting to the Constitution." He said "this problem did not find a solution and will continue meeting protocol and will drain a lot of time and not serve the Iraqi citizens and the question of providing services to him," thought "should not be looking at these meetings because it is not working." He Awad that there is an attempt to discuss "the judiciary" and try to find a "political consensus" and this is contrary to the Constitution, which insists on the separation of powers. " The political blocs have nominated representatives to convene a preparatory meeting prior to the National Congress, who called him President Jalal Talabani, to end the crisis political. was president Jalal Talabani and parliament Osama Najafi agreed during a meeting held in the province of Sulaymaniyah in December to hold a national conference of all political forces to address issues related to governance, the state and to develop solutions for it. and broke for the country's political on 19 of December first / last December when it issued the Iraqi judiciary arrest warrant against al-Hashemi on charges of supporting death squads, and fled, Vice President of the Republic in the Kurdistan Region and considered all the charges against him and the elements of protection, "fabricated". also sought Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to isolate his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq, and commented on the evacuated Iraqi participation in the meetings of the government and the House of Representatives before it reverse its decision last week. Some warn that a failure of the upcoming conference will end the current political process as a whole, and lead Iraq into a vacuum, may lead to the dissolution of the House of Representatives, and an early general election, which will pay towards the collapse of the security risk, the current features began to appear, through the expansion of blasting operations in more than one city in Iraq. From: Yazan al-Shammari, RN LLC

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